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Booking for others  

If you need to make bookings for multiple people, make sure you select the ‘administrative professional’ option when you join toptable. This will enable you to accrue dining rewards points for bookings you make for others.

What are Dining Reward Points?
For every restaurant booking you make on toptable -- for yourself, a colleague, or someone else -- you'll earn Dining Rewards Points which you can redeem for dining cheques. Dining cheques can be used at any toptable restaurant nationwide. Find out more about our dining rewards programme.

What is a diner profile?
After registering as a toptable user, you can create diner profiles for people for whom you make restaurant bookings. You can always add diners, edit profiles or remove names from your account at a later date.

How do I know that restaurants receive the bookings I make on toptable?
The toptable website is directly connected to thousands of computerised booking systems at toptable restaurants. Search results reflect real-time availability and bookings are immediately recorded in the restaurant’s booking system.

How can I participate if I've already signed up for toptable?
If you already have a standard toptable account but would like an account where you can book for multiple diners, log in to your account and go to ‘My profile’. Then check the ‘administrative professional’ option and click on ‘Update profile’.