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toptable affiliates programme

Looking for ways to make your website more attractive to users? The toptable affiliates programme is not only a great way to enhance the functionality of your website but also gives you the potential to earn incremental revenue from your website traffic. The toptable affiliates programme is great for many different types of websites, including:

  • Local or national restaurant directories

  • Local and yellow page listing sites

  • Food/restaurant websites, blogs and online communities and forums

  • Magazine and newspaper websites

  • Theatre, movie or music venue or listings sites

Here's how it works:
  • Complete the affiliate programme application

  • Once approved, you will receive valuable content and 'book online' link instructions for thousands of toptable restaurants.

  • Simply add the content and 'book online' links to your website

  • When visitors to your website click on toptable links, book a table on toptable.co.uk and honour their booking, your affiliate account will be credited with the booking.

  • Affiliates who generate over 100 completed bookings per month are eligible for revenue share opportunities

toptable is currently only approving new affiliate partners for companies in the United Kingdom. Companies applying from the United States and elsewhere, we welcome you to submit an application to be considered at a later date when the application process reopens.

So why not get started? Apply now
Frequently asked questions about the toptable affiliates programme